The 10 Worst Things You Can Say to a Writer During a Book Launch

For anyone who knows a writer launching a book, therefore, I have compiled a list of things not to say if you want to avoid provoking a tearful outburst:

1. “You’ve got a book coming out? Congratulations! I sure wish I had time to read.”

2. “So you’re publishing a book, huh? Good to know. I could use your help. My book’s only halfway done, but I’ve already got over 1,000 pages.”

3. “I’ve heard that bad reviews are better than no reviews at all.”

4. “Where’s your publisher sending you on tour? That must be so cool to ride in a limo.”

5. “I’d never have the free time to write a book.”

6. “Hey, now that you’ve published a book, can you give me a blurb for mine?”

7. “I’m surprised the publishing industry hasn’t gone under. You know, with video games and Netflix. Oh, and did you hear they’re closing that bookstore downtown?”

8. “I’ll have to look for your book on Amazon. It’s amazing how many books I’ve downloaded for free on my Kindle.”

9. “I’ve heard that to make money writing, you really should try erotica.”

10. “When’s the movie coming out?”