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NZ Herald’s Michael Donaldson on self-publishing, talking to, amongst others, PressGang’s Rénee Lang

By Nick Turzynski, 1 September 2016

It has never been easier to get your own story into print. Michael Donaldson looks at the rise – and some of the pitfalls – of self-publishing. The family story you’ve always meant to write, that set of poems you penned as an angst-­ridden teenager and the history of your local sports club – if… Read more >>

New eBook Hits the Spot

By Nick Turzynski, 22 August 2016

We were happy to edit, layout and design a cover for Jason and Carol Metcalf who created just an eBook which they have successfully loaded onto amazon, available here:

Hyphen-ate . . .

By Nick Turzynski, 2 December 2015

In defense of the Oxford comma

By Nick Turzynski, 1 September 2015

Jacques Rousseau I will fight to support the Oxford comma until I draw my last breath.

Book Awards Get New Sponsor

By Nick Turzynski, 4 August 2015

And perhaps not surprisingly, in these real estate obsessed times, the new sponsor is a property developer, Ockham Residential. While some may lament the passing of the good old days when sponsors were the more bookish Montana, it seems Ockham are going to be a good fit. They even admit to having ambitions ‘beyond just… Read more >>

Anzac Veteran Inspires New Book

By Nick Turzynski, 27 July 2015

Wellington writer and journalist Shona Riddell had a story to tell. Her great-great aunt Nora was gifted a tortoise by a wounded soldier in the Middle East during World War One. It became a family pet and a bit of a hero in Raumati until passing away in 1994. Shona got together with official Defense… Read more >>

The 10 Worst Things You Can Say to a Writer During a Book Launch

By Nick Turzynski, 24 July 2015 For anyone who knows a writer launching a book, therefore, I have compiled a list of things not to say if you want to avoid provoking a tearful outburst: 1. “You’ve got a book coming out? Congratulations! I sure wish I had time to read.” 2. “So you’re publishing a book, huh? Good to… Read more >>

Texting: Ppl, Srsly, It’s OK 2 Uz TxtSpk Sumtimz

By Nick Turzynski, 23 July 2015

  Text speak gets a bad rap. It’s been pegged as barbaric, accused of ruining the English language, identified as a symbol of the millennial generation’s laziness, and perhaps worst of all, it’s been strung up as the next bad habit liable to rot kids’ brains. That puts it in the same category as American… Read more >>

Point of Sale at Petra

By Nick Turzynski, 7 April 2014

Great to see Jill and Harbi’s book on sale in front of the Treasury in Petra. It was a pleasure working with them, shame we couldn’t make the book launch 🙂  

Book Predictions for 2014

By Nick Turzynski, 8 January 2014

Penny C. Sansevieri, Huffington Post For those of us who market authors for a living, we know that 2013, more than any other year, saw bigger changes in marketing books. More in fact, than any prior year. The changes are largely due to the number of books that have come online both in print and… Read more >>