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Create and publish e-books

You can publish your work solely as an e-book. Or you can produce an e-book to sell alongside your printed copies. E-books are cheap to produce and quick and easy to publish. If you are producing only an e-book, however, it is vital the original text is professionally edited. PressGang can also design an attractive cover so that the book stands out in the sea of titles online.

Create e-books

E-book making involves taking the final print-ready files or pdf and producing e-book files in formats (e.g. ePub, mobi) to suit various e-reader devices, such as Kindle, Kobo, iPad… Although this is a relatively inexpensive process, quality and useability is vital. PressGang provides reliable e-book production services, including checking finished e-book files.

E-book covers

The cover needs to be strong enough to grab attention as a thumbnail image online. It also needs to be prepared to the dimensions and file size required by the hosting website. PressGang has the expertise you need.

Publish e-books online

You can upload your e-book file and e-book cover to online booksellers via their website by yourself. Popular sites to sell on include Amazon, Kobo, Nook Press … the possibilities are growing. But uploading your file can be tricky and time-consuming. We can assist if necessary.