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Help with printing

PressGang are not printers, but we manage printing for clients who self-publish. However, if you wish to print a small number (under 200 copies) it can be more cost-effective to go direct to a local printer. 

For larger print runs, PressGang can arrange the most cost-effective quality printing in New Zealand and overseas for books and other documents.

Digital printing

Basically utilises a giant laser printer and is ideal for smaller print runs – even just a couple of copies. The quality is excellent.

Offset printing

The traditional method, ideal for larger print runs (500+ copies) and full-colour work. Usually a higher quality than digital, but the gap is narrowing fast. The more books printed, the lower the unit cost.


We can advise which print method, specifications and printer best suit your book. We also check printers’ proofs, arrange Customs clearance and GST payments in the event of overseas printing, and organise freight delivery.