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Market and sell your book

Market your book: advertising, promotion, publicity, digital marketing…

Book and e-book marketing may utilise direct marketing to a targeted audience (through email or printed flyers and order forms). Marketing these days involves digital media (such as creating a website, blog or Facebook page to promote the book). More and more, people will choose to find out about your book online. Traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV) may also be considered.

You can tackle aspects of marketing yourself, or it may be easier to engage the services of specialist digital marketers and book publicists.

PressGang is happy to assist and recommend trusted marketers and publicists, and we can advise on the process and costs. Give us a call.

Sell your book

If your e-book is placed with a website, they’re doing the selling. With printed books, unless you plan to sell directly to a targeted audience, you need to sell to bookstores. Do you have time to travel around the country visiting stores? Many booksellers belong to chains which may not be able to make a purchase without head office authority. To further complicate matters, most booksellers will deal only with a commercial distributor.

Help is at hand. If your book has commercial sales potential, we can recommend the services of established sales reps, some of whom are self-employed with links to distributors, while others may represent a larger sales and distribution organisation.