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Produce your book:
editing, design, the lot…

In addition to writing, and managing entire projects, our cost-effective self-publishing services include:

Editing: Expert editing is essential for a professional publication. The editing required sits on a continuum from rewriting and structural editing at one end to a general copy-edit at the other. At a minimum it attends to the structure, flow, completeness and comprehensibility of the work; including grammar and punctuation; placement of photographs; captions; amalgamation and checking of proofreading corrections; cover blurbs; and liaison with author and designer.

Cover design: Compelling covers are crucial. We provide design options for the cover and develop them to print-ready files for both your printed book and e-book.

Design and Layout: As critically important as covers. We offer expert design and layout of text and images, including all editorial changes from proofreading, and provision of print-ready files. This service may include scanning, image manipulation, colour correction, and creation of graphs, charts and maps. The aim is an accessible, balanced, visually pleasing layout that is sensitive to the content.

Proofreading: Indisputably indispensable. Professional proofreaders are an extension of the editing process and ensure the design elements, layout and text are all as they should be.

Indexing: A good index is of immeasurable importance and requires creativity and expertise that a computer program can’t match. We provide professional indexing to suit the needs of your book.

Photography, illustration and cartography as required.

Expertise is brought to bear on each task, adding value at every step. Call us today to discuss your requirements.